Pregnancy After a Loss

Pregnant after a loss in Madison, wI

Are you pregnant after a loss? 

You thought you would feel so excited to be pregnant again. You never dreamed that a pregnancy would include this constant anxiety, this constant thought of what if.

Every time you go to the bathroom, or the baby moves or does not move, every time something feels off there is is again. That fear, that anxiety.

It is normal to feel some anxiety after a pregnancy loss but when that anxiety is part of your everyday it is important to get help. Anxiety can disrupt the ability to bond with your pregnancy and can have lasting affects on your child.

I can help.

I can provide a safe space to process your feelings and learn practical coping skills that you can start using right away. My approach is strengths based and I use a holistic approach that includes mind body work. Call or email to set up your free 15 minute phone consultation 608.239.4807 or