Are you suffering from Anxiety in Madison?

  • Is anxiety interfering with your job or school? Do you have a hard time completing tasks, fearing that it will not be good enough or that others are judging  you?
  • Is anxiety interfering with your relationship?
  • Do you constantly worry, feel keyed up or on edge?
  • Do you have a hard time relaxing, or slowing down?
  • Do you struggle with imperfection?
  • Are your negative thoughts taking over?

Anxiety is your body's reaction to a perceived threat. People hold anxiety differently in there body. Common symptoms include racing thoughts, irritability, restlessness, difficult sleeping, and muscle tension. When anxiety is not dealt with it can manifest in your body to look like other illnesses.

Anxiety can hold you back from doing well at school or work, from having successful relationships, and from accomplishing goals. It can also effect your self esteem telling you that you are not good enough and that others do not like you.

Are you a parent that is worried about your young adult? You may be worried that your child will have difficulty adjusting to college. Perhaps your child is worried about succeeding and finding social support. Anxiety can be triggered during life transitions such as starting college, and is common during the late teenage and young adult years.

While everyone has anxiety, when anxiety begins to interfere with your daily life and keeps you from accomplishing your dreams it is time to get help. 

Can counseling help my anxiety?

Yes! Counseling can help your anxiety. It can provide some immediate relief for you or your child. I work in collaboration with my clients to find out what is triggering your anxiety and what the road blocks are to dealing with your anxiety. I start where my clients are and we work together to find what is most helpful for you to come up with a treatment plan. The work we do it is deep and usually includes a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (challenging your negative thoughts to change your feelings and behavior) and mind-body work. We do continual check ins to make sure what we are doing is working for you and if it is not then we change it.

What if it is too expensive or takes a lot of time to feel better?

Counseling is an investment. Just as we spend money on our physical care with doctors appointments, exercise, physical therapy, nutrition, ect it is important to invest in our mental wellbeing. How you feel about yourself and how you handle your stress can impact every area of your life. If you do not learn how to cope with your anxiety it can manifest in different physical ways. Yes it can take some time to feel better. If you have been dealing with anxiety for years and learned to cope in negative ways it will take some time to replace those coping skills with positive coping skills. I will work with whatever time you are willing to put in your therapy process. Some clients feel better after only a few months of weekly appointments, some need longer. I take it week to week with clients. We come up with treatment goals and reassess after every couple of months. I want you to feel better as soon as possible!

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms their is help. I provide in person counseling in the Madison area and online counseling anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. To set up a free 15 minute phone consultation contact Kull Counseling, LLC at (608) 239-4807.