Infertility Counseling in Madison, WI

It seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant just like that.

You did everything right when trying to get pregnant. You planned for it, saved for it and waited until you were ready.

Why hasn’t it happened yet?

You never imaged how this would impact your life, your relationships. It feels like your your life and career are on hold at the chance of getting pregnant.

You have been taught that if you work hard that you can achieve anything you want. No one said these rules do not apply when you are trying to conceive. You may be trying to decide what path to take in the fertility world. Will you do fertility treatments?

Infertility is something that no one can prepare you for and most do not fully understand the impact that it has on your life. It can add strain on your marriage, impact your work performance and relationships. If you are trying to get pregnant and feeling anxious or depressed I can help.

I can provide a safe place to process your feelings, decide what path is right for you, reconnect you to your body and cope with the anxiety and depression that is affecting your relationships.

If you are suffering from miscarriage or infertility, know you are not alone. I can help. Contact me today to set up your free 15 minute phone consultation today at (608) 239.4807. or